Specialized in stop-motion, the paper craft artist Cris Wiegandt melts rhythm and colors to fascinating worlds far beyond the every day.
In unique storylines and an outstanding dedication to details you´ll find the imprint of her path through cultures from Sao Paulo to Berlin.
As a freelance director, animator, and designer she well plays every register of paper work in illustration and film. Creating literally moving animations her work has already inspired clients such as Disney, Pepsi, and Pro7, just to name a few.
But who could resist those awesome sceneries anyway?

+49 160 430 81 76 (mobile)
contact at criswiegandt.com

Representation for Germany, Austria and Switzerland by
Cosmopola / Barbi Mlczoch

Representation for Netherlands by
Artbox centre for creation
+31 (0) 20 668 1551